Hy-Flo Equipment company was founded in 1977, operating out of Ron's garage with two hot water washers and an old Ford pickup. Today, Hy-Flo offers a greatly expanded product line-up, from the smallest cold water washer to fully trailer mounted units capable of flowing 5 gallons per minute at 3000 psi. We also carry a full line of diesel fired and waste-oil heaters as well as automated parts cleaning solutions. We now service customers in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas, with a full time fleet of five trucks and ten employees.

Hy-Flo has succeed in a competitive market for the following reasons:

Commitment to the Customer - When you buy a Hy-Flo unit, be it a washer or a heater, you don't just buy the product. You buy into a long-term relationship, one that is focused on making you happy. We will gladly deliver the unit, any spare parts, and service the unit at your location. In short, we will take care of whatever you need.

Commitment to the Product - There is not a finer pressure washer available on the market. All the same, we are constantly looking for ways to offer an even better product. This applies to service just as well as sales. More recently, we have focused efforts on wastewater laws and regulations.


Commitment to Ourselves: Integrity is the cornerstone of all that we do here. Do the job right. Do it once. This keeps employees and customers both happy. Our employees, on average, have been with the company over ten years. Nearly all of our customers are repeat customers.


We look forward to hearing from you, and will do everything we can to make yours a pleasant experience.