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~ Since 1977 ~

A New Generation of Quality

Hy-Flo Equipment Company was founded by Ron Williams in the Spring of 1977. Ron started the business out of his garage with two hot water pressure washers and an old 1969 1/2 ton Ford Pickup. For 35 years Ron traveled the territory demonstrating and selling countless pressure washers all over the Four States. Most of time he was accompanied by his sweet wife Sharon. Ron didn't have any customers... instead he had friends! For well over 3 decades Ron developed a strong bond and trust with all his customers. This is the foundation of which Hy-Flo still stands!

Lets fast foward to today... Now over 40 years later, Ron's Son Mylan now owns and runs the business. Mylan's two Sons Landan & Chandler are proud to be third generation carrying on the family business. Mylan, Landan, Chandler, & the entire Hy-Flo Team pride themselves in continuing what Ron started and are proud to offer "A New Generation of Quality!"

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Hy-Flo Building
Hyflo Family

Pictured left to right: Landan Williams, Chandler Williams, and Mylan Williams

Family Owned

For over 40 years, Hy-Flo has been owned and operated by the Williams family. It is Hy-Flo's mission to provide the Four States with quality products and services.
(3 Generations and Counting!)

Quality Products

Hy-Flo's Goal: To provide quality products, with quality people, and provide a quality experience!
~ A New Generation of Quality ~

Excellent Parts & Service

Hy-Flo's recipe for success is very simple: Provide quality products and simply back them up with excellent parts and service!

About Hy-Flo Equipment

For many years when people see the name Hy-Flo they think "pressure washers". Our private label Hy-Flo commercial grade hot and cold pressure washers has been our bread and butter from the very beginning. Not to mention our cleaning chemicals, soap, parts, service, and supplies. However, over years we have diversified into a few other products and services. These include shop heating equipment such as Waste Oil Furnaces and Diesel Fired Infrared and/or Forced Air Space Heaters. We also offer Parts Washers/Spraywash Cabinets, Surface Cleaners, and Evaporative Water Cooling Fans. Hy-Flo's mission is to provide the most quality equipment and products while simply backing everything up with excellent parts and service.

Pressure Washers

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Testimonials From Our Customers

Pressure Washer Testimonial

Excellent service Landan, Marvin, and everyone in the building are top notch and go above and beyond...

Brad N
Legacy Farm and Lawn Pressure Washer Testimonail

Our new Hy-Flo Equipment Co. pressure washer is fantastic. They always do a great job on the installation and their equipment is top notch. Remember to support your local businesses!

Legacy Farm & Lawn
Heater Testimonial

Just wanted to let you know we love our new heater! It does a wonderful job heating the barn in a short time and it is comfortable to be out there with it. NO bad fumes!!! We love it! Merry Christmas

Paul and Michele
Pressure Washer Testimonail

I had my pressure washer serviced at Hy -Flo Equipment and found their service to be exceptional. Having been in a lot of service shops through the years I was impressed with how friendly and helpful the staff was. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience.

Rick Caenen Jay Hawk Power Wash
Customer Testimonails

Hy-Flo Equipment has had my back since day one! Between their massive parts inventory and knowledgeable staff I always get the help I need.

Aaron Godsey Godsey Lawn Service
Customer Testimonails

We looked at a few other brands, but Hy-Flo was by far the better choice!

Anonymous Google Review
Customer Testimonails

Great people and great equipment

Customer Testimonails

Great group of guys. They really work hard to make sure you are happy! Highly recommended!

Noah Vineyard
Customer Testimonails

High quality heaters! We went to Farm Fest in Springfield, MO and stumbled upon Hy-Flo. We looked at a few other brands, but Hy-Flo was by far the better choice! Much better quality product. My business, Load N Go Trailers, just purchased 3 of the diesel infrared heaters and they work great. Now the cold winter ahead doesn't sound so dreadful!

Kayla Tanner
Customer Testimonails

Excellent Customer service , friendly staff and they sell high quality of equipment. Big thanks to Marvin and chandler for keeping us rolling with the redmax equipment!!

Kaleb Daugherty