Pressure Washer Service Bible

Pressure Washer Service Bible

Start Up and General Maintenance Procedures

Here are the 4 basic rules to keep your power washer running with little or no problems as possible:

  1. KEEP TRIGGER PULLED: For maximum dependability out of your pump it is important to keep the trigger pulled and not allow your machine to "bypass" water internally for long periods of time. One or two minutes is the most you would want to let your machine run without pulling the trigger.
  2. COOL DOWN BURNER: To achieve longevity out of the heater coil it is important to "cool down" the burner once you are done with hot water.
  3. RINSE SOAP OUT: Once you are finished pulling soap/detergent through the system it is highly recommended to pull fresh water through the soap line to flush everything out. When soap sits for long periods of time it has a tendency to dry up and sometimes clog the soap line.
  4. PROTECT FROM FREEZING: Freezing weather is the most dangerous thing for any pressure washer. Keep your machine in a heated building or run antifreeze through the system to protect from freezing.

To read the full procedures guide, download the pdf below

pressure washer procedures