August 2020 Employee of the Month

August 2020 Employee of the Month

Congratulations Jennifer for receiving the most votes, 100% of your peers to be exact, to become "Employee of the Month" for August, 2020. Below are some comments made by those who voted for you:

"She is always kind, courteous, and helpful"

"Jennifer is the best"

"Jennifer always has a smile and as long as she doesn't have a hair appointment or a 15 min. Dr's appointment that she has to take the whole day off for she is willing to help. She is so nice that she took off work so her son Jake didn't have to take any time off of work when his dog needed to be picked up from the Vet. Even with all her faults she is an ok person to work with."

"Jennifer always has a good attitude and is fun to work with!"

"Jennifer is like a ray of sunshine for the Hy-flo Staff! Her Positive attitude and smile is contagious! She is our Hy-flo Family Mother! She is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone, as well as line you out, if you need it! :) She is great communicating with our customers and does an accurate and professional job in her role as Office Manager! She is loved by all and deserves the title of "Employee of the Month"

".... She is always willing to help anyone & everyone out when needed!"

"Can't believe it took this long. It's about time!!!"

"Fergie rocks the front desk and is always willing to help others!!"

For part of this achievement, Jennifer will have her choice of a variety of $50.00 gift cards. Again, Congratulations Jennifer for being selected "Employee of the Month"