Smart Heat Made Easy

Smart Heat Made Easy

Smart Heat Made Easy! Wi-Fi Enabled Waste Oil Furnace Accessories Give You 24/7 Control

Purchasing a waste oil furnace is about more than buying the furnace unit itself. Most manufacturers offer an array of accessories that should also be a consideration during the purchase process.

So, which are worth adding to your system?  And, which aren’t?

At Hy-Flo Equipment, we believe that heating your shop should be simple. That’s why we recently introduced our Wi-Fi Thermostat. With just a Wi-Fi- signal and a smartphone, the thermostat gives you complete control of your furnace from anywhere and at any time.

In our increasingly connected world, integrating your waste oil furnace with the technology that fuels your business makes operating and maintaining your furnace each day that much easier.  Here are just some of the reasons our customers love their waste oil heater Wi-Fi Thermostat:

  1. Never forget to turn the heat down again!
    How many times do you leave the shop only to wonder if you or someone else remembered to lower the temperature of the building? With our Wi-Fi Thermostat, you can see heat settings at any time, and adjust as needed.
  2. Save money by controlling the temperature throughout the day.
    You control the temperature settings with the tap of a button. You can easily adjust heat settings at any time without relying on pre-set controls or having to remember to adjust the temperature throughout the workday.
  3. Begin heating your shop the moment first shift begins.
    A well-heated shop now happens on-demand. You can connect to your furnace from anywhere and raise and lower the temperature between work shifts, making sure your heat use is in line with your hours of operation.

The same integrated technology we use at home and are familiar with in our daily lives, now makes it easier to heat your business. To learn more about our Wi-Fi Thermostat for waste oil heaters, contact us to speak with our team.

Original Article by Clean Energy