Three Signs that a Waste Oil Heater Is Right for You

Three Signs that a Waste Oil Heater Is Right for You

Three Signs that a Waste Oil Heater Is Right for Your Business

As an environmentally friendly and cost-reducing way to heat business facilities, waste oil heaters have a lot going for them. But how can you tell if it’s the right option for your company?

While there are many factors to consider, there are some key indicators that can help you identify if you should look more closely at converting to waste oil heating.

Three Signs that Your Company Should Seriously Consider a Waste Oil Heater

  1. You generate a good supply of waste oil in the course of doing business.
    If you run a trucking company, car wash, auto repair shop, agricultural operation, or a business that maintains its own fleet of vehicles, you are a prime candidate for using a waste oil furnace! Through oil changes, changing transmission fluid, etc., you produce used petroleum products that can be transformed into free heat for your facility. Even if you don’t produce enough used oil to generate all the heat you need, you can dramatically lower your energy costs.
  2. You want to minimize the risk of non-compliance with government requirements for the safe disposal of waste oil.
    The cradle-to-grave responsibility for the safe handling of your used oil is no joke! If your waste oil disposal method fails to meet EPA regulations or if there are mishaps—even if a third party messes up when disposing of your used oil for you—your company might be held liable.
    With waste oil heating, you get control over the removal of your waste oil. With an EPA-approved tank and waste oil furnace, you can store and dispose of your used oil safely and compliantly. That peace of mind will help you sleep better at night!
  3. You care about your business’s bottom line.
    Saving money by using your used oil as free heat for your facility helps cut your company’s expenses, and that has the potential to dramatically boost your profit. Use our online ROI calculator to estimate the savings your business might expect. Then imagine how you might use those dollars to grow your business, as you reinvest them into your company.

Let’s Talk!

If the three signs above describe you, contact us to discuss your facility’s heating needs. We are here to help you assess the viability of waste oil heating for your business and to explain the innovative features that make Hy-Flo's waste oil furnaces a cut above others on the market.

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