Is A Waste Oil Heater Right For You?

Is A Waste Oil Heater Right For You?

You Might Be A Good Candidate For A Waste Oil Furnace If…

Should your business switch to a waste oil heater? After hearing about its potential cost-savings, and the peace of mind it offers by enabling you to comply with “cradle to grave” disposal regulations, you might be wondering if it’s right for your business.

If any of the following characteristics apply to you, talk with us for more information about the advantages of waste oil heating.

You want:

  • To cut your energy costs without compromising reliable, consistent heat in your building.
  • To eliminate headaches that come with disposing the used oil products your business generates.
  • A solution to reduce disposal costs of those used oil products, reduce the “cradle to grave” liability, as well as protect the environment.
  • A furnace that requires minimal maintenance, is easy to clean, and uses less floor space.
  • Heating equipment that offers a fast ROI, one that offers a no-interest financing option.

Your business is:

  • A car/truck/motorcycle dealership.
  • An auto service center; a trucking company; a car wash.
  • A commercial farm/agricultural operation.
  • Maintaining a fleet of company vehicles.
  • Some other type of company that generates waste oil in the course of operating.

As you can see, waste oil heating has the potential to help many different types of businesses with different needs. Would it make sense for your company?

There’s one way to find out! Contact us today to explore how a Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnace could benefit your business.

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