VAL 6 FIR1300

VAL 6 FIR1300

This heater carries the properties of far infrared heat which by nature is able to penetrate deeper into objects in the way sun light works.

The Model FIR1300 is the quietest, smoothest running, most impressive VAL 6 heater yet! It is a "Far Infrared" radiant heater which means it produces a less intense deeper penetrating infrared ray compared to the traditional VAL 6 heaters.

The FIR1300 features a closed-flame design that makes the heater suitable for indoor environments such as showrooms, shops, or warehouses. With it's clean exhaust and quiet operation it is perfect for almost any application. It is equipped with a built-in thermostat and has 4 caster wheels for easy portability. The FIR1300 has incredible fuel efficiency with over 20 hours non stop runtime and only burns 1/3 gallon (diesel) per hour!

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Standard Features

  • LARGER SURFACE AREA - Compared to traditional VAL6 that uses a radiation disk design, this tube-style radiation surface offers much greater surface area resulting in higher thermal efficiency than other VAL6
  • CLOSED-FLAME DESIGN - The enclosed burner allows the heater to be used and accepted into a wider range of use-cases as closed flame heaters are regulated differently than traditional, Open-Flame heaters.
  • SAFETY - The outer surface of the heater stays warm to the touch, reducing the risk of burns from contact with the heater.
  • CLEAN EXHAUST - Due to the high efficiency of the FIR1300, the exhaust contains undetectable ammounts of Carbon Monoxide. Greatly increasing where VAL6 can be used.
  • BUILT IN THERMOSTAT – The surrounding temperature can be maintained with the built-in thermostat. An external thermostat can also be attached via a connector to control temperatures that are a distance away.