Grasshopper Mower Service

Hy-Flo provides quality service you can count on!

Grasshopper Mower Service

Hy-Flo Equipment is proud to have 6 certified technicians working on your Grasshopper Lawn Mower. Whether you are a lawn care professional or a homeowner, Hy-Flo's goal is to get you back on your mower as soon as possible. If for some reason we are having to wait on parts or can't complete the service as quickly as needed we offer rental and / or loaner mowers on special arrangement. Hy-Flo offers pickup and delivery service as well. Since Grasshoppers are manufactured in our great state of Kansas we have access to "next day" parts availability under most circumstances. We offer complete service from general maintenance to the most challenging jobs such as rebuilding an engine or replacing a transmission. Hy-Flo also offers special packages and discounts for "off season" service. The following is an example of our "Off Season) service package with 24 point inspection:

The Grasshopper "Off Season" Package Includes 24 Point Check List:

  • Change Oil and Oil Filter
  • Replace All Fuel Filters
  • Check all Belts
  • Inspect and Clean Fuse Box
  • Lubricate Tractor and Mower
  • Clean and Inspect Cooling System
  • Check all Tire Pressures
  • Replace All Air Filters
  • Inspect all deck mount bushings
  • Check mowing height settings
  • Inspect all Idlers and Pulleys
  • Check all Spring Tensions on belts
  • Sharpen Blades
  • Check all spark Plugs
  • Inspect all Safety Devices
  • Check all Wheel Bearings
  • Inspections of Clutch and Pigtail Wire
  • Check and Tighten all Mower Hardware
  • Inspect all Steering and Linkage
  • Check all Transmission Fluids
  • Inspection of Gear Box
  • Check PTO Pillow Block Bearings
  • Test Charging System and Battery Electrolyte
  • Clean and Wash Machine
Grasshopper Mower Service

Hy-Flo Service Commitment

At Hy-Flo we believe our success can be linked back to a few basic principles. Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and Quality Service! Honesty, Integrity, and Reliable is who we ARE... Quality Service is what we DO! With over 100 years of combined experience it is our mission to provide best support and service available in our industry. It is our goal to solving problems in a timely, cost effective, and professional manor. We pride ourselves providing exceptional service and support for all our equipment from Pressure Washers to Waste Oil Heaters, Diesel Fired Heaters, Grasshopper Mowers, and more. Hy-Flo is unique in the fact that we offer mobile service and have trained technicians capable of fixing your equipment on site. Our service shop is also open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.