Scan for Manual QR Code

Alkota has created a new scan for manual QR Code. If you need a manual you can take a photo of this QR code and it will take you to our manual web site and you just enter in the serial number of the machine you are working on. It will download a manual right to your phone. The manual should come up along with the wiring diagram. This is great for in the shop or in your service vehicles. Please call us with any questions. 800-255-6823.

Pressure Washer Service and Repair

Hy-Flo is your one stop shop when it comes to pressure washer service and repair. From the small easy jobs to the biggest and toughest jobs, Hy-Flo does it all! We offer complete service on tri-plex piston plunger pumps, wayne / becket burners, engines, and much more. It is common to perform routine maintenance such as changing pump oil, engine oil and filters, and fuel filters. Our larger more intense jobs consist of pump and engine repair and heater coil replacement. You should be pleased to know that Hy-Flo takes pride in having a very healthy stock of parts inventory which allows our customers to be back up and running as soon as possible. Hy-Flo machines always assume #1 priority but we do offer service on other brands in most cases. If your machine is not worth repairing Hy-Flo will trade or upgrade you to a new or reconditioned machine when repair is too costly.

Hy-Flo Service Commitment

At Hy-Flo we believe our success can be linked back to a few basic principles. Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and Quality Service! Honesty, Integrity, and Reliable is who we ARE… Quality Service is what we DO! With over 100 years of combined experience it is our mission to provide best support and service available in our industry. It is our goal to solving problems in a timely, cost effective, and professional manor. We pride ourselves providing exceptional service and support for all our equipment from Pressure Washers to Waste Oil Heaters, Diesel Fired Heaters, and more. Hy-Flo is unique in the fact that we offer mobile service and have trained technicians capable of fixing your equipment on site. Our service shop is also open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Start Up and General Maintenance Procedures

Here are the 4 basic rules to keep your power washer running with little or no problems as possible:

  1. KEEP TRIGGER PULLED: For maximum dependability out of your pump it is important to keep the trigger pulled and not allow your machine to “bypass” water internally for long periods of time. One or two minutes is the most you would want to let your machine run without pulling the trigger.
  2. COOL DOWN BURNER: To achieve longevity out of the heater coil it is important to “cool down” the burner once you are done with hot water.
  3. RINSE SOAP OUT: Once you are finished pulling soap/detergent through the system it is highly recommended to pull fresh water through the soap line to flush everything out. When soap sits for long periods of time it has a tendency to dry up and sometimes clog the soap line.
  4. PROTECT FROM FREEZING: Freezing weather is the most dangerous thing for any pressure washer. Keep your machine in a heated building or run antifreeze through the system to protect from freezing.

To read the full procedures guide, download the pdf below

Pressure Washer Service