Waste Oil Heater Service
Waste Oil Heater Service
Waste Oil Heater Service

Waste Oil Heater Service

Over the past 20 years Hy-Flo has hundreds of waste oil furnaces across our territory. It is common knowledge that waste oil furnaces are definitely a maintenance item. Our parts department and road service team stock all the parts and supplies needed to keep your waste oil heater up and running while it’s cold. Our first class technicians have been through Waste Oil Heater Furnace School and have the determination to fix whatever comes our way. Since waste oil heaters are stationary, on site mobile service is mandatory. No problem! We are one phone call away from solving your waste oil heater service needs. We are proud to offer savings on off-season service packages such as the one listed below:

Waste Oil Heater Pre-Season Service and Inspection

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  • Replace burner gasket
  • Add quart High Flame
  • Replace all oil temperature limit and control switches on nozzle holder and preheater
  • Clean bleeder block, screen and plug; replace plug o-ring
  • Clean preheater and replace both o-rings
  • Clean copper tubing from preheater to bleeder block
  • Clean and check ignition transformer
  • Replace oil nozzle
  • Clean nozzle inlet adaptor and nozzle holder
  • Replace electrodes assembly including insulators and buss bars
  • Clean and adjust photo cell
  • Clean burner cone
  • Clean combustion blower wheel
  • Clean and check air band for correct setting
  • Clean and check view port door springs and gasket
  • Replace air filter and Replace or clean oil filter
  • Clean and inspect draft control
  • Clean and inspect combustion chamber / heat exchanger
  • Clean door liner ‘tombstone’
  • Clean and inspect roof cap
  • Clean foot valve and foot valve screen
  • Clean screen on fuel pump
  • Check for damaged or frayed wires on nozzle assembly
  • Check burner hold plug is tight and not melted
  • Check red silicone air hoses for leaks or kinks
  • Check nozzle oil solenoid for oil leak
  • Check for frayed or pinched wires under ignition transformer and electric panel covers
  • Check nozzle depth
  • Check draft over the flame (.01 to .02 in WC)
  • Check for pinched or frayed wires at gear motor enclosure
  • Check oil supply tank for water or antifreeze
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Inspect fuel pump drive coupler
  • Inspect seal oil filter fill plug
  • Check Bleeds and leaks

Hy-Flo Service Commitment

At Hy-Flo we believe our success can be linked back to a few basic principles. Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and Quality Service! Honesty, Integrity, and Reliable is who we ARE… Quality Service is what we DO! With over 100 years of combined experience it is our mission to provide best support and service available in our industry. It is our goal to solving problems in a timely, cost effective, and professional manor. We pride ourselves providing exceptional service and support for all our equipment from Pressure Washers to Waste Oil Heaters, Diesel Fired Heaters, and more. Hy-Flo is unique in the fact that we offer mobile service and have trained technicians capable of fixing your equipment on site. Our service shop is also open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Service Call Request Form

 - Customers will be charged one service call, plus parts and labor. Labor time starts when we arrive.
 - Service Call Price $175
 - Labor Rate $110/hour

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